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Caroline Lillie Caroline Lillie

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Just got done this part in the game
So great haha

HowSplendid responds:

awesome sauce man

Commission: a little tense Commission: a little tense

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She technically was...
As an enemy XD

One Punch Psyduck Mach Punch One Punch Psyduck Mach Punch

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I can redraw it for you! I'll get on it tommorow

Pixel-Cheese-Cake responds:

Thank you, this was meant to be a rough sketch. I cant wait to see what you come up with.

Rosa Rosa

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That's probably because some of the staff of Mother 3 worked on it :3
You did a really solid job on this peice, all very consistent to your style while still being recognizable as the trainer from the games. A good peice of art or a good adaptation of a great character design like those seen in Pokémon Black and White should be recognizable as that character even in silloute, and I think you just about nailed that rule. My only complaints are that the hand on her hip looks flat like Flat Stanley; and the "giving Bayonetta a run for her money" legs don't really match up with the cutesy, noodle armed and teenage body above it.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Postcard Pokemon Sun and Moon Postcard

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Hey Pixel! How's your day been? Been a while since we talked. I like what you're doing with you art. Can't wait to see that Vine VS YouTube animation, especially if you used the song k suggested.

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Pixel-Cheese-Cake responds:

It's halfway done I can wait to hear what you all think of it.

Tightropes and Telephone Poles Tightropes and Telephone Poles

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Awesome page, awesome art!

Nika Shark's Kinotchi Frame +bikini Nika Shark's Kinotchi Frame +bikini

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Ignore the hate, you're really talented!

JUSTinnator3 responds:

Thank you.

Blue lady Blue lady

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highlandergirl responds:

thank you so much! i really appreciate that! i have more on my deviantart page if you're interested?

Frisk Has A Secret To Tell... Frisk Has A Secret To Tell...

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This is actually really great.

TheHoodiedGamerHD responds:

Thanks dude!

Lucario pokemorph Lucario pokemorph

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So sweet!