new games soon!

2017-11-22 12:10:17 by 2Mickennxtre68

I’m working with new talent to bring you a lot of new and awesome stuff! Stay tuned and thank you for all the sudden fans and support!

Lucario Dating Sim 2.5 is my highest rated game yet!

2017-08-28 12:42:48 by 2Mickennxtre68

I just uploaded a joke game sequel to Lucario Dating Sim 2 as a huge thank you to all of you that got me this far and got me over ELEVEN THOUSAND VIEWS ON LUCARIO DATING SIM 1!!! I'm sorry I keep dealing out about that, but I can't help it! That is unreal! I know my games haven't always been perfect, but I put my heat and soul into them and that means so, so much to me. Thank you so much all of you! And also thanks to all of you who are making my newest game my highest rated yet! Let's hope it stays that way. I put a lot of effort into the art and the characters and it means so much. Also, hang out on the character select for about 30 seconds to see a secret screen. Also, I'm working on the game "Earthbound Flash" with @botnot435

Many thanks to all of you, and expect many new games soon! (Including much more Lucario Dating Sim related content!)

Comment below! I'm not an amazing coder but I'm getting better and I'm a decent artist so I can make you game dreams come true!

Where'd everything go?

2016-03-08 12:40:31 by 2Mickennxtre68

some projects temporarily unpublished due to personal reasons.

Update: republished some of it. Thanks for your continued support.


Best of Febuary?

2016-03-02 09:49:38 by 2Mickennxtre68

"Congratulations 2Mickennxtre68, you've been invited to participate in the private voting panel to decide the Best of February!"

I don't really know how they decide stuff like this, but if you had anything to do with me getting in, thank you so much! I'll do my best!


2016-02-18 19:10:41 by 2Mickennxtre68

The Medals in SH2 officially work. I'm sorry for any inconvience. I hope this adds a lot of replayability and entertainment to the game, and thank you so much to Cyberdevil for helping me with this!

Well then...

2016-02-18 19:02:38 by 2Mickennxtre68

Trying to reupload a version of the game that fixes the medals, but whenever I try and edit the submission, it claims it needs my birthday or location to continue.

So I give them my Bday, save the page, and try again.