Would anyone like me to make a game for you?

2016-12-29 10:07:50 by 2Mickennxtre68

Comment below! I'm not an amazing coder but I'm getting better and I'm a decent artist so I can make you game dreams come true!


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2016-12-29 10:21:02

How good are you at bullet hell? ;-)

2Mickennxtre68 responds:

Well, I made this game which has bullet hell mini games in it.
I used tutorials and other's code to make it so I don't take full credit, but if you wanted me to a make a full fledged, flashy, spectacle of a shmup with awesome graphics and tons on bullets everywhere I could do it. That games kinda crap thus the 2 star rating and tons of negative comments :/


2016-12-31 11:46:42

Well, ya ain't gonna go anywhere until someone believes in you. And for what it's worth, I believe in you. How about we make summat together?

2Mickennxtre68 responds:

Thank you very much. My Skype is nickryankennedy. I don't mind posting that publicly. Hit me up!


2017-01-02 03:35:34

Do you know "EarthBound" that one Cult Classic game for the SNES? I was wondering if you wanted to do something for me! I'm working on a game called "EarthBound Flash!" and it never saw the light of day... Which is sad... Can you help me buddy? Don't worry got the medals, Music and my partner @Ante45... Would you help a bro out!?

2Mickennxtre68 responds:

I'm a huge fan of Earthbound/Mother! I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you. Are you still accepting help?


2017-01-04 18:37:04

Are you Skypeable?


2017-01-24 23:09:33

I'll add you to the Project!


2017-03-21 04:03:12

@jk-flipflop raped a kid. Look at my profile to see the complete truth!


2017-08-20 10:52:15

Depends. What kind of games?

I gave you a follow.