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Coolest character designs ever!

Implying a person's Furaffinity art isn't the highlight of their career


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TO FELLOW REVIEWERS: Before I begin I just thought I'd explain the block puzzles in the beginning are a simple simon says test. The stuff blocking the door is unrelated. All you have to do is click z on the bottom row to make it the same as the top row. I know you mentioned it in your description but I thought I'd explain so jerks don't give bad ratings haha

I love seeing passionate, student driven projects like this. I've been making them and posting them myself here since 2016, and while some people don't like them I've managed to make a few friends and fans. The best part about making my games is getting to share them with others, especially my multiplayer ones.
I haven't finished this game yet but I'm blow away. I love the art and style! Its also great to see someone else who uses Stencyl, especially one who makes something so good with it

PS. I found the dancing head, haha

RPG combat is something I've been trying to code for such a long time and you somehow managed to make it, along with a fully fledged and beautiful RPG world? And I LOVE the instant, no load time reload from saves. That is so convenient and better than so many other RPGS I've played

Wow! This is already great! What program did you use to make it? GameMaker? Stencyl like my games OWO

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Just wow. I can't believe someone this talented is following me! And if the offer's still up, I'd love to learn how to make music like this.

JK-FlipFlop responds:


Seriously? This is one of my lesser tracks!

And if you wanna make SEGA Genesis music, that's actually a good start for a musician these days. It's the perfect way to learn how to write music, as well as some volume leveling. Then you can get into the more complicated stuff. PM me for some stuff to get you started.

And I appreciate your comment. I hope my "talent" gets me on board soon.

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Looks amazing!

UnhappyClover responds:

Aye thanks

Are you still around? I love your art

There it is! You did a beautiful job taking my silly little sketches and making this awesome design for Lucario! If anyone’s curious to see the project this is gonna be used in, here’s the link to the first trailer! https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/705935


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